Trevor Ruhoff


Trevor Ruhoff is an Over the Shoulder Outdoors field staffer born and raised in the Winona, MN area. He grew up in rural Rollingstone and Lewiston, MN. He currently lives just outside of Winona.


Trevor has been involved in the outdoors since he was a young boy as he would go on adventures in the woods with his two older brothers or going on camping trips as a boy scout. When he became older his involvement with the outdoors turned into hardcore hunting. He started out with a BB gun around 7-8 years old shooting birds around the farm he grew up on. As he got older he wanted to give deer hunting a try. At age eleven, a year before he could go deer hunting in Minnesota, he went on a hunt with his uncle to see what deer hunting was really like. He sat next to his uncle on a well-organized, old-fashioned deer drive and watched his uncle shoot a nice eight point buck that he spotted coming towards them. That experience is what got him hooked for life.


Trevor enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting, shed hunting, looking at wildlife, scouting, managing the properties he hunts, playing sports, hanging out with friends and family. He spends most of his free time outdoors no matter what time of the year it is as he simply enjoys the sights and smells of the changing seasons. Also, to him there is no better way to spend time with family and friends than in the outdoors, whether it is around a campfire or dragging a nice buck out of the woods. Although he is a whitetail fanatic, he does like to pursue other game animals every now and then. Besides whitetails he has shot a variety of small game, coyotes, turkey, pronghorn, black bear, and makes a yearly trip to hunt mule deer.


Although he has little filming experience, Trevor purchased his first camera in late summer of 2013. He was able to get some practice filming a turkey hunt in the spring and also some scouting footage throughout the summer before he purchased his camera. He plans on practicing a lot early in the season with the other team members in the area to perfect his skills. Trevor thinks it's going to be a fun, exciting year for the OTS team and is looking forward to see what everyone captures on film!