Exclusive Interview - New MN Muzzleloader Record Buck!

On December 13th, 2014, history was made. There was a new (pending) Minnesota state record whitetail harvested with a muzzleloader. This record was set when Mr. Stan Kreidermacher and twelve members of his friends and family were out hunting on public land near Whitewater State Park. The group was out on their third drive of the day on one of the last days of the muzzleloader season, not feeling so confident after seeing only one fawn that day so far and definitely having no idea what was about to happen. On their way into the woods, Stan looked over to one of his fellow hunting members, and OTS pro staff member Sheldon Luehmann and said, “I’ll bet twenty dollars that, that big buck won’t be in here.” Sheldon smiled and replied, “Let’s make it fifty.” The drive had begun, and while he was waiting to see if any deer would come in, Stan heard a shot come from his hunting party. Not knowing if they had gotten anything, he prepared himself for whatever may be coming his way. Next thing he knew, he saw some does making their way towards him. Stan, knowing that a giant was in this area, made a decision to wait for the does to pass to see if there was a buck following behind. Sure enough, there was a buck, and he could tell it was a shooter, he just wasn’t sure exactly how big it was. Stan didn’t want to miss his only chance he has had all season, so he pulled up and steadied his muzzleloader for a shot. After the smoke had cleared, he didn’t see the buck anywhere. With the continued teamwork of his hunting party, blood was spotted and the tracking job started. Still not realizing what they were tracking, Stan didn’t think it was the area legend that he had heard of. Before long, yelling and screaming started from two OTS members, Sheldon Luehmann and Layton Kreidermacher, telling Stan that the buck he had laying at the end of the blood trail was no doubt the public land beast!

Kreidermacher Group MN Record Buck Over the Shoulder.png
Kreidermacher Record Buck Over the Shoulder Outdoors.png

Five days after shooting this absolute monster of a deer, Stan, and some of his hunting party had agreed to do an interview for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. During the interview we learned that Stan’s nephews Layton Kreidermacher, Landon Kreidermacher, and Brian Ruhoff had known about this buck for about 11 months now, and were keeping it a secret from nearly everyone, including their own kin! Layton and Landon had found the sheds of this monster whitetail deer this past spring. They had only told Stan about this buck about one month prior to the day of his encounter with the legend. Layton and Landon were doing what they could to hunt this buck all fall; they had trail camera pictures of this deer and had put in many hours scouting and doing what they could to see this buck. Unfortunately, for Layton and Landon this buck never showed himself while they were out hunting. Even though Layton and Landon didn’t harvest this buck, they couldn’t be any happier for their uncle Stan, and his trophy, or as Stan would say “the teams trophy.” Stan will be the first to tell you, it is not just his trophy, there were twelve other guys out in those woods with him who helped him get it, and that “in the record book next to his name, it should have parenthesis with the other twelve guys listed right there with him.”

This buck named “The Mean Gene” buck was said to be both a myth and a legend around Altura, Minnesota. By some people this buck was also known as “The Bus Buck” and was rumored to have fourteen points, and that people should keep an eye out for it. Some of this hunting party knew better though. They had overheard some people talking about a thirteen point buck out near whitewater, and once they were away from the crowd and back in their vehicle they had kind of chuckled to themselves saying, “On one side!” Many had only heard of the legend of “Mean Gene”, others thought that the story was exaggerated, and that he was but a mere myth among the many other hunting stories often amplified to better suit the story. “Mean Gene” is not just a legend, but it’s a Minnesota state record (pending) whitetail taken with a muzzleloader. This buck was unofficially rough scored at 249 inches with twenty-nine scorable points. Stan has since then had it officially green scored, but does not want to share the score at this time. He did, however, assure us that when he got it scored; it would be 235 to 245 inches after the 60-day drying period is complete, which would be the confirmed state record to date. The previous state record was in 2005 by Brandon Bernu, with a buck scoring 226 ⅝ inches. Congratulations Stan on your Minnesota State record muzzleloader whitetail buck! Write up by Curtis Harrison

Baby with Kreidermacher sheds MN Record Buck Over the Shoulder.png

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