Ryan Bauer


Ever since Ryan can remember he has had a passion for the outdoors. Growing up on a hobby farm in west-central, WI (Spring Valley), if Ryan wasn’t playing sports or in school, he was outside building forts with friends, squirrel hunting, fishing…you name it. He thinks he has always had a passion for the outdoors, namely hunting and fishing, but didn’t really realize it had become an obsession until his early to mid-20’s. That is when it had become a 24/7/365 thing for him. If Ryan wasn’t in the field or on the lake, he was thinking about it. How to make his properties better through habitat improvement projects and other TSI work, running trail cameras, putting up new stand locations, food plots, or trying to figure out muskies on a certain lake were just some of the things going through his brain.


While Ryan loves just about any outdoor activity and he hunts and fishes for just about anything, his true obsession is in whitetails. When he was 9 or 10 years old, Ryan started tagging along with his dad and some of his friends during the WI gun hunting season. They would mainly do deer drives, but Ryan thought that was the neatest thing ever, and couldn’t wait until he turned 12 and could actually hunt himself. Finally that year arrived and Ryan shot his first deer with a gun a few days into the season. She was a big doe (which is still the biggest doe he has shot to date). Little did he know, he was hooked for life! On the bowhunting side, a couple friends of Ryan’s got him interested when he was 10 years old. He still remembers that first bow that he bought…an XI Impact. He thought that was the most beautiful thing ever at that point in time. He would shoot in his backyard and in leagues as much as his time would allow.


Something that goes along with habitat improvement that Ryan just loves to do and look forward to every year is putting in food plots. Growing up on a hobby farm, he had some pretty good education early on as to how to make things grow, so once his dad let me use some of the property strictly for food plots, it was game on. It’s always a learning experience as to what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant it. He is always trying new blends and different locations to fine tune the properties, but over the years he has gotten pretty good at it. Ryan actually enjoys it so much that he thinks putting in plots is just about as exciting as sitting in a tree stand.Another hobby that Ryan has become more involved in as the years go is photography and videography. He has always loved taking pictures and videos, to a point when some friends and family think it’s a little overboard…But they end up appreciating it later when they can go back and enjoy past moments. Capturing something that you’ll never see again exactly the same way and putting a story to it is what it’s all about for Ryan.


Ryan currently live just east of the Twin Cities in west-central, WI, with his beautiful wife, two dogs, and three cats. As far as his career, Ryan works in sales for a construction company. When he is not hunting, fishing, working, or spending time at home with the family, some other hobbies include playing softball, baseball, golf, and snowmobiling/four-wheeling to name a few!