Peter Carlson


Peter Carlson is a former co-owner and co-CEO of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has lived throughout mid-western Wisconsin. Ever since Peter acquired his first BB gun at the age of 8, he has been hooked on anything to do with the outdoors - hunting, fishing, biking, canoeing, or any other adventure that catches his interest. The outdoors has been and always will be a big part of his life. He owes his passion for the outdoors mostly to his dad. His love of whitetail hunting is a direct result of a father willing to teach his kids to follow in his footsteps. Hunting whitetails would have to be Peter's favorite outdoor adventure. Whether he is pursuing a giant buck with bow in hand during a cold November morning, or enjoying the company of the hunting party the night before Wisconsin gun opener, deer hunting is a great adventure every time.


If he can't be in the woods, you will find Peter on the water, navigating the many bodies of water in the Midwest pursuing giant Muskies. Peter has been casting for the elusive lake giants ever since he landed that first toothy beast. He again owes the enjoyment (and frustration) of Muskie fishing to his dad. He has taken the love of Muskie fishing one step further and turned it into a part time career. He competes in several different tournaments thought the summer months in hopes of bring home some winnings. He hopes to compete in the PMTT, one of the premier Muskie tournaments in the country, in the next couple of years.


Peter is still a close friend of OTS Outdoors and although he is no longer affiliated with our business, he will remain a good hunting buddy.