Over the Shoulder Outdoors Founders


Over the Shoulder Outdoors has become what it is today because of the dedication and hard work of the OTS founders. The founders are the managers of every aspect of the company. No one is paid. They all have jobs, families, college, and lives, but they all have the same passion...the outdoors. Learn more about each OTS founder below.

Josh Morrissey is co-owner and producer of OTS Outdoors TV. Josh is by far the best looking member of the OTS Outdoors team. He may also be the website manager. He grew up in west central Wisconsin where he was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the outdoors by his dad at a very young age. 


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Logan Veenendall is co-owner and Special Events Coordinator for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. Life started out for Logan in a small Wisconsin farm town called Baldwin. Although Logan has always lived "in town," his house bordered a cow pasture and had a creek running through the backyard. 


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Michael Carlson is the former Co-CEO of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. As Michael's family grew, he decided to step away from OTS Outdoors to focus more on his family. Michael played an instrumental role in starting OTS Outdoors, including creating the name and original logos.  


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Chris Harrison is co-owner and Chief Financial Officer for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He has lived in southeast Minnesota his entire life, most of which he has lived in Winona. He started his hunting career at twelve years old primarily gun hunting in a party doing deer drives and shooting any deer he saw. 


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Justin Morrissey is a former co-owner, producer, and head of marketing for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He was a vital part of the introduction of OTS Outdoors. Justin left OTS Outdoors in 2016 to focus on his career with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. 


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Peter Carlson is the former Co-CEO of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. With his brother Michael, the two had the original plans for creating OTS Outdoors. To be able to focus on his job and family more, Peter decided to step down in 2013. 


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Curtis Harrison is a former co-owner of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He played an important role a producer and videographer for the first seasons of OTS Outdoors TV. To focus more on school, he stepped down from OTS Outdoors in 2015.


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