Mike Carlson


Michael Carlson is the former co-owner and co-CEO of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He currently lives in Superior, Wisconsin while attending the University of Minnesota Duluth to obtain his Master's Degree in geological sciences. Michael is originally from a small-town called Luck located in Polk County, Wisconsin. Like many growing up in Northwest Wisconsin, Michael developed a passion for the outdoors at a very young age. He learned to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors from his father and alongside his older brother Peter. Together the two brothers have grown up to be extremely avid hunters and general outdoor enthusiasts.


When not taking time out of his day to be with his wife of two years and his two kids, Michael spends time enjoying his primary outdoor passions of musky fishing, whitetail deer hunting, and shed antler hunting. He typically tries to shed hunt 5 or 6 states a year, with one trip out west, whitetail hunt 4 to 5 states and fish 3 musky tournaments each year. Although these may be his main areas of interest Michael loves to get out and experience any and every aspect of the outdoors from collecting morel mushrooms to shooting at ducks locked into the decoy spread. Like most at OTS Outdoors he has developed a passion for the difficult and challenging task of filming all of his outdoor experiences. Although he may not have as much filming experience as professional videographers, Michael enjoys taking the time to learn new techniques and practice his skills behind the camera each and every year.


Although it may seem that Michael lives a very busy and hectic life he loves every minute of it. Whether it be hours and hours in the woods or on the water or time with his family at home he wouldn't trade it or any of the moments the outdoors have provided him for anything in the world.


Michael stepped down from OTS Outdoors in 2014, but you will see him appear on OTS Outdoors TV periodically and he remains a good friend to all of the owners.