Mason Hrudka


Mason's dad got him out in the woods at the age 3 and he has been hooked ever since! Growing up with his dad incorporating shooting bow and .22 into daily life. Through the last couple years of hunting with his dad and uncle Eric Hrudka, Mason has gotten into filming his hunts and it presents a new challenge in the woods that he loves. He loves whitetail hunting, turkey, hunting, bear hunting and waterfowl.

In 2014, Mason shot his first bear, which was an experience he will never forget. He also shot his first buck with a bow in a 5 acre wooded area right behind his house which made it even more unique. Usually in the spring Mason is out every week with a friend filming and calling for them, and then in some of the fall mornings he is out calling waterfowl for them also. He has never gotten the opportunity to film waterfowl so he hopes to gain that experience this year. With the few years of experience Mason has with his uncle filming him, Mason is confident that he will be able to put down some good footage this year! Mason is excited for this opportunity and we look forward to watching him grow as a team member of Over the Shoulder Outdoors!