Logan Veenendall


Logan Veenendall is the Special Events Coordinator for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. Life started out for Logan in a small Wisconsin farm town called Baldwin. Although Logan has always lived "in town," his house bordered a cow pasture and had a creek running through the backyard. There was a large overgrown area up the street that became known to the neighborhood as "the weeds," where the sparrows and rabbits thrived. You might say Logan had a pretty ideal place to grow into an avid outdoorsman! His family has always had a passion for hunting, but mostly deer hunting with a shotgun.


Logan's real outdoor adventures started when the new kids up the street moved in, the Morrissey brothers. The three amigos would hunt everything together from pigeons to racoons. If it could be bagged and tagged, you could guarantee they were stalking close behind. Of course Logan's favorite television shows included all the hunting shows his local cable provider could offer, so the trio would set out with Mom's handy cam and try to make their own show and DVDs. After the years past, the three started to take things more serious and filming became second nature to the hunts.


Although Logan has many other obligations, including his full-time job in Winona, MN, he uses every spare minute to be in the outdoors in front of or behind the camera. Logan is extremely excited to be working with a group of guys that have similar dreams to his and is looking forward to seeing the team grow.


Logan will be a primary cameraman for the OTS team every season, so you can expect to see some great footage coming from him!