Layton Kreidermacher


Layton is currently attending Rochester Community and Technical College pursuing an associate’s degree in liberal arts and sciences, as well as taking prerequisites at RCTC in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree for a radiology upon being accepted to the program at University Minnesota Rochester. He graduated from Lewiston-Altura High School.


Layton has grown up in a family which roots itself in baseball and the outdoors. His first encounters in the outdoors were with his father. As a small child, his dad took Layton trout fishing, bought him a starter bow, took him along shed hunting, and brought him with to help drag out his harvested whitetails. Layton’s brother took Layton on his first successful turkey hunt and now he looks to him and his father for any hunting related advice.


Layton was 12 when he first started hunting. He took a doe and a jake that year and the following year. His passion for the outdoors really took off when he turned 14 and took his first buck as well as his first tom. The buck scored 167 7/8” gross as a non-typical 12 pt. It was a main frame 10 which sported 9 7/8 and 9 5/8 brow tines, kickers on each g2’s, a split brow, and one broken off g4. It was an exciting event that Layton will forever treasure and take pride in. When it was taken to be registered a man was looking at it in the bed of the truck he told Layton, “kid you don’t know how lucky you are, shooting this deer is like going out with a playboy bunny on your first date…’s all downhill from there.” Since hearing those words, Layton has made it a mission to prove him wrong and top what still remains his largest whitetail. Good or bad, the events that day have him hooked for life.


Layton tries his best to be an ethical hunter as he tries to take wild game as cleanly and quickly as possible. He loves being in the great outdoors. Most days there is no place he would rather be. It brings him closer to your religion and there is no better place to gaze at the beautiful wildlife and scenery or to clear one’s mind and ponder life’s questions. Layton enjoys the camaraderie and adrenaline hunting brings, as well as the meat and trophies. Layton generally participates in deer, turkey, geese, and waterfowl hunting, as well as fishing streams and lakes. In the spring, he hunts morel mushrooms and sheds.


Layton brings in some filming experience as he has filmed a few hunts for HuntFishTV in the past and he is excited to be part of the Over the Shoulder Outdoors team!