Justin Morrissey


Justin Morrissey is a former co-owner of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. Justin currently works for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and has worked with several outdoor companies including the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), Huntinglife.com, Mallory Communications,  and many more. Justin brings a lot of experience into the OTS team, as he has had the opportunity to work with some well-known outdoor production companies like Babe Winkelman Productions, Outfitter's Rating TV, and Battle of the Bow (Season 2). Justin was a vital part to the introduction of OTS Outdoors and if you watch closely, you will still see him make regular appearances on OTS Outdoors TV.


Justin grew up in west central Wisconsin with his brother and fellow co-owner Josh Morrissey. His love for hunting started early as his dad took the two brothers out raccoon hunting at 6-7 years old. They have both been hooked ever since. Justin's favorite game to hunt is whitetail. He has hunted in Wisconsin his whole life, and has taken several P&Y and B&C bucks. His biggest buck was harvested in 2010 during the nine day shotgun season. The buck grossed out at a whopping 192", which put his buck near the top of the record book in his county. When Justin is not up in the tree stand hunting whitetails, he enjoys sitting in a duck blind with his hunting buddies and his dog Gomer.