Josh Morrissey


Josh Morrissey is the Producer and General Manager of Over the Shoulder Outdoors LLC, working closely with the website, pro staff team, and other business objectives. He grew up in west central Wisconsin where he was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the outdoors by his dad at a very young age. Josh's passion for wildlife and the outdoors has grown to more than just a love for hunting and fishing, but has guided Josh to become a conservation oriented person, as he has his B.S. in Ecology and has worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and volunteered heavily with Ducks Unlimited.


Josh's life, like most of the team members, gets hectic. He balances his time with work and hanging out with his supportive wife, Lindsey. Needless to say, stress comes along with all of it, but Josh finds time as often as possible to get out in the woods or on the water, which helps keep his stress at a tolerable level.


Josh has many years of camera experience, as he started as a young boy filming gopher hunts with brother and OTS co-owner Justin Morrissey and co-owner Logan Veenendall. At the age of 15, Josh filmed Justin shooting his first ever deer with his bow. Ever since then, the camera has become a part of the hunting group. Josh now does freelance videography for his living, having the privilege of filming for popular television shows and companies such as Battle of the Bow (Season 2), Cabela’s American Archer, JBO Productions, Huntin Fool, Country Boys Outdoors, Bear Hunting Magazine, and


Other than anything outdoors, Josh's hobbies include bowling, sports, berry picking, berry eating, and scouting for whatever season is next. For the most part, Josh lives and breathes the outdoors. Although he loves everything about the outdoors, bowhunting for whitetails is what gets his blood really pumping. Josh has bowhunted for nearly 15 years and still learns more and more every year.


With the tremendous potential that the Over the Shoulder Outdoors team holds, Josh is excited to see the company grow in the industry. Be sure to follow Josh on his quests to fill tags and feed his family!