Jordan Smith


Growing up in New Centerville, Wisconsin (population unincorporated), Jordan didn't have much of a choice other than to be outside as much as he could. His hunting life began before he could ever hold a gun. Jordan was always allowed to go along to all of the big hunting trips up north with his grandpa, great uncle, uncle, and his dad. Those guys are primarily the reason for his passion for wildlife. Once he started to get a little older and legally able to participate, hunting really started to become more and more exciting for Jordan.


Throughout his young hunting career, Jordan has been pretty fortunate with some of the things that he has been able to accomplish; however, it wasn't until the last few years that he started becoming more serious about the sport. Recently, Jordan has been spending most of his tree stand time with his good friend and OTS co-owner, Logan Veenendall, who got Jordan hooked on the sport and catching every moment on film. Although Jordan has had very few experiences with filming hunts before joining the OTS team, he is dedicated to becoming a great videographer and an asset to the team.


Jordan, as most of the OTS team, has many other activities on his plate that he balances with the outdoors. He is working to become a police officer and working a part time job. Jordan also spends as much time with his family and friends as he can, and manages to find some time in the off season to hit up the golf course.


Jordan has become a good friend to many on the OTS members and hopes to spend time in the woods with all of them. He looks forward to being part of the OTS pro staff and can't wait to see what the year brings!