Jared Schutz


Jared has lived in western Wisconsin his whole life and currently lives in Ellsworth. Growing up in the country surrounded by woods and farmland was always fun for Jared. He was fortunate enough to grow up just a short bike ride away from the Rush River and spent many hours trout fishing on one of the state's best trout streams. Over the years his obsession with the outdoors has increased. Jared enjoys the scouting and preparation of hunting season almost as much as he loves the hunting itself. Over the past few years, Jared has started shed hunting and turkey hunting to fill that void of the outdoors in the spring.


What started off as an obsession with trail cameras and always trying to get that perfect trail cam picture has evolved into getting that perfect video footage. With a few years of filming under Jared’s belt, the relentless pursuit of filming that perfect hunt drives him to get better. Jared is always ready with the camera knowing the most boring hunt can turn into the hunt of a lifetime in a matter of seconds.


When Jared isn't out hunting, he is usually at home spending time with his four children. Austen who is 18, Taylor 17, Lili 13 and Ava who is 4. Jared also enjoys enjoys playing and watching sports whenever he gets the chance.