Ethan Ash


Ethan has grown up hunting his whole life. He has been blessed with an outdoor family and friends, including some members of the OTS Outdoors team. Ethan is confident in his leadership and team-centered attitude that will help motivate the entire OTS Outdoors team.


Ethan’s ultimate goal in life is to surpass Stan Potts and kill five 200" whitetails. He almost had his shot at his first one a couple years ago at 60 yards but he couldn’t get an ethical shot. He had about 100 trail camera pictures of that deer all summer. The following afternoon he moved in on where he thought the giant would come through and a 160" perfect 10 came in instead that he couldn’t pass.


He arrowed him where he thought was perfect, but the blades on his broadhead broke off and the buck managed to survive the shot. A hunter across the road harvested him during gun season that year with Ethan’s broadhead still stuck in the chest. Also, later on Ethan found out the larger deer he was after, was pushed to another hunter when Ethan was tracking the buck he hit. The buck net scored just over 200".


Ethan’s bad luck isn’t stopping him though! Ethan is excited to be a part of Over the Shoulder Outdoors and can’t wait to document his journey of chasing his first 200” buck.