Drew Donahue


Drew’s roots in the outdoors stem directly from his father Dave Donahue, who got Drew involved in hunting and fishing at the fresh age of six months old with his first fishing pole.  Now, 24 years later Drew has become quite the avid sportsman.  Beginning his hunting experiences in north central Wisconsin, Drew spent many hours as a boy helping set stands and hunting with his mother and father on his family’s 120 acre property in Oneida County; this experience would end up serving him well following his family’s move to Winona, Minnesota in 1992.


With the move to Winona came the opportunity to hunt two properties right across the Mississippi River in the famed hardwoods and farm fields of Buffalo County, Wisconsin.  What started as two separate properties owned and managed by Drew’s father and six of his lifelong friends, has since developed into  WMBC (Wisconsin Minnesota Buck Club LLC.) with 5 different properties spread across the county totaling nearly 1,000 acres of managed land.  Inherently with such a sizeable tract of land comes an equally sizeable amount of work needed to maintain and grow the property and its four-legged residents.  With more than 85 individual stand sites to prep every year, not to mention food plots, trail cameras, and pond maintenance, the work is seemingly never ending but Drew has definitely reaped the rewards.


Drew has been bow hunting and gun hunting since the age of 12, and has had the opportunity to harvest several bucks with both methods including three bucks scoring over 150” P&Y.  However, to Drew the hunting experience means far more than simply entering the woods in search of a trophy.  The friendships, life lessons, and overall experience are what truly represent the important parts of every hunt.  “I might sit for a whole evening hunt in twenty degree below zero weather with snow piling up on the blind to not shoot anything, or bounce around in a boat all day in a steady rain without catching a fish, but if I’m with good friends and we all make it home safe, then in the end it was a good day.” 


 In addition to tracking down whitetails, Drew finds the time throughout the fall to pursue ducks and geese across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Dakotas.  Splitting time between work, school, whitetails, and waterfowl keeps him busy from the end of summer well through the beginning of winter, but when he’s not in the woods during his free time Drew can usually be found on the lakes and rivers of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Whether he’s popping holes in the ice in search of trophy Northern Pike, whipping a top-water for large mouths, scanning the illuminated water while bowfishing, or dropping down-riggers for salmon on Lake Michigan, Drew spends as much time as possible in the outdoors and is always looking for a new sport to give him another excuse to get out of the house.  While Drew has little experience behind a camera filming hunts he is looking forward to the new challenge presented by the opportunity to join the OTS Team, and hopes to become as avid of a videographer as he is an outdoorsman.