Derrick Vold


Derrick Vold is currently a Chief of Police in rural Wisconsin. The time he gets to spend outdoors is made all the more important for the therapeutic qualities that being in the outdoors will bring. While life on the job can change and oftentimes breed chaos, the experiences of the outdoors are always a constant, stable reminder of what’s really important in life.


Derrick has been hunting with his family his entire life. The experiences of the deer and elk camps helped shape him to who he is today. It is a set of values that he now brings to others as well. His oldest son has joined him in the woods from the young age of three, and he is anxiously waiting for the day when he can bring his newborn son out to begin instilling the same values. Derrick has not stopped introducing the outdoors with just his boys. When Derrick was dating his wife, some of their best time together was Derrick introducing her to archery. She so enjoyed shooting a bow that she developed an interest in bow hunting, and now spends her own time in a bow stand because of Derrick’s efforts.


Wisconsin and this region of the Midwest have no shortage of game to pursue. Derrick hunts it all, from small game like squirrels and rabbits for the memories of youth, to Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett class whitetail bucks. Derrick has baited black bear for eight years, and regularly is checking his game cameras for photos he can share with buddies that share in appreciating the nightlife that can show up.


He regularly makes the journey to camp in the mountains of Colorado pursuing elk, and when hunting season is done the salmon in the Great Lakes call and he’s working his food plots for the next season. He’s a member of the National Wild Turkey Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The biggest hunting experience that Derrick has had to date is the hunting trip Derrick and his wife took for their honeymoon to South Africa in the fall of 2013. On that trip, Derrick got to share the experience of his wife’s first kill along with shooting a SCI class Wildebeest.


Derrick has dedicated his life to the outdoors, and regularly is involved in conservation and management efforts in order to educate new hunters and ensure for the future of hunting. The Over the Shoulder Outdoors crew is proud to have Derrick on board!