Curtis Harrison


Curtis Harrison is a former co-owner of Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He was born and raised in Winona, Minnesota, where he grew up with two brothers running around his grandparents' farm trapping rabbits and playing in the woods. Curtis began hunting at an early age with a BB gun for gophers and sparrows, and as soon as he was old enough, he became part of his family's deer hunting group.


Curtis finally picked up a bow about 7 years ago and managed to take a doe his first year using archery equipment. Since then, he has been hooked to bowhunting. Curtis believes that spending time in the outdoors is the most relaxing and therapeutic place to go and think about anything going on in life, and it's even better when sharing it with friends and family on film.


Although Curtis stepped down in 2015 from OTS Outdoors, you will still see Curtis make appearances on OTS Outdoors TV from time to time and he will continue to film his hunts.