Chris Harrison


Chris Harrison is the Chief Financial Officer and Sponsor Manager for Over the Shoulder Outdoors. He has lived in southeast Minnesota his entire life, most of which he has lived in Winona. He started his hunting career at twelve years old primarily gun hunting in a party doing deer drives and shooting any deer he saw. At this age he would start bowhunting, but he would only go out to random places and sit on the ground in hopes of seeing a deer. At the age of 18 he decided to dedicate more time to bow hunting and shy away from primarily gun hunting. He bought his first couple of tree stands and trail cameras and set them up in hopes of getting any pictures or seeing any deer at all. His first year bow hunting, even though he wasn't seeing any deer, he decided that if hunters on TV can manage a property for quality bucks, so could he.


As the years went on Chris got more tree stands, more trail cameras, and put in more hours on food plots and in the stand, but he didn't see any bucks that were up to his standards. He remained hopeful that if he put his time in he could get it done. Then, at the age of 20, he had an opportunity at a 160 class buck. On the way in after a morning rut hunt he encountered this buck at 15 yards. He misjudged the distance and missed. It was a devastating blow to his short bow hunting career but he remained dedicated to improve. He worked the next two years on his shot and honed his skills. At the age of 22 he had another opportunity. On November 1st filming him, he was able to harvest a 140" 8 point buck at 37 yards. This was the highpoint in Chris's hunting career thus far. Chris, like most of the OTS team, started with very little filming experience, having only filmed a couple hunts starting in 2012. 


During the week, Chris works full time at Merchants Bank in Winona and spends time with his wife at home. He also enjoys golfing, softball, and watching sports.


He hopes that he, along with the OTS Team, is able to top his best buck on camera on a future episode of OTS Outdoors TV.