Brett Egland


Brett was born and raised in the Winona, MN area. He grew up in the small town of Lewiston, MN and currently still lives there. Brett graduated from the Lewiston-Altura High School in 2010 where he participated in many sports throughout his schooling, including golf and basketball. While attending Winona State University, Brett worked at The Bridges Golf Course just outside Winona and continues to work there on the grounds crew. He coaches basketball in the winter and golf in the spring for Lewiston-Altura High School. In his free time he loves to play sports, hang out with friends, or just be in the outdoors doing anything such as camp fires, cutting wood, four- wheeling, checking trail cameras, putting in food plots, shed hunting, and most of all hunting whitetails.


When Brett was younger, he would be in the woods with his dad hauling wood, four-wheeling, or looking for antlers. He would go to his dad's side of the family in MN and get to see all the bucks they got. Then, he got to go to his mom's side of the family in Buffalo County, WI. There, Brett got to hear hunting stories from 14 hunters and got to see a lot of dead deer, including some nice bucks. At the age of 12 he wasn't hunting yet but he decided to go sit with his cousin on opening morning in Wisconsin. As we sat there, we saw a few small does and then he spotted an albino doe with three brown fawns walking down the trail. After that experience he was hooked for life. At the age of 13 he started hunting with his dad in MN and hunted in WI with his cousin. After going home empty handed his first year Brett got my first buck with his dad the next year. He will never forget it. There were four bucks chasing one doe. The first one a spike, then a small six, then a small eight, and finally a decent nine pointer that he shot. Brett continued to gun hunt shooting a couple bucks in MN and a few does both in MN and WI.


Brett bought his first bow when he was a junior in high school and after all these years he has only taken down five does. Although he hasn’t killed a buck with his bow yet, he has had many close calls and it is only a matter of time before he makes it happen! The chase is what keeps Brett going. Even though he hasn’t decided exactly what he wants to do in life, he knows he wants to do something in the outdoors.


Brett enjoys any type of hunting but whitetail is his favorite. He has turkey hunted but has yet to close the deal on his first one. He also likes to fish in the summer with his cousin. Fishing for bass and northern is his favorite.


Brett has little filming experience but tried it out for the first time with his friend and fellow OTS Outdoors team member, Trevor Ruhoff, during the 2013 season. He got some great scenery footage and bucks on camera but it was early antlerless season and they couldn't get a doe down on camera. However, he enjoyed it so much that he decided to apply for a team position in 2014. He had fun and can't wait to get some great footage of this year.